Trance Mediumship Event

Trance Mediumship Event

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Join evidence-based medium Dr. Christina Rawls for an interactive seminar and demonstration at Big Creek Vineyard in Jim Thorpe on Saturday June 15, 7PM-10PM & Sunday June 16, 5PM-8PM.

Your $60 ticket ensures that even if Dr. Rawls does not communicate with your person during the event, you are guaranteed a scheduled private session with her at a later date.

Wine, beer, cocktails, mocktails, charcuterie, and other fare will be available for purchase.


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About Dr. Christina Rawls

Dr. Christina Rawls was a Philosophy professor for almost 15 years, leaving academia by choice in 2021 to become a full time evidential trance medium. Having many psi abilities since birth, Christina began getting spirit photography in 2007. Spirit photography is a type of physical mediumship & this has now evolved into transfiguration with the help of her spirit team. This is natural law, we all have the ability to connect to our higher selves, spirit teams & loved ones in Spirit. This is also scientifically testable & there are decades of real science on psi & mediumship. We are made of love & knowledge.

You can watch a video of Christina explaining “What is Evidential Trance Mediumship?” here on Youtube.

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Event Info

  • Event doors close 10 mins after start time
  • Gathering includes random trance messages for many with a SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY demonstration
  • Orb Magic LLC & host reserve the right to cancel or reschedule for any reason. If cancelled, your tickets can be used for the next event date or will be refunded
  • Cameras allowed but NO video recording permitted
  • Every sitter participant will be asked to sign a general release of liability waiver for Orb Magic LLC & host
  • No-one under 18 years of age without a guardian
  • If you do not hear from your person during the session, Dr. Rawls will offer you a private reading.
  • While all are welcome regardless of their perspective on life after death, rudeness and disruption will result in being expelled from the event with no refund. Please be respectful.

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“I am truly uplifted! I have closure for first time in 7 years! The most powerful experience I have ever had! I felt so much love and peace!” ~Mindy H.

“Christina, you brought through both my Grandfather & my Father with an abundance of evidence… You have such a bright, beautiful soul full of love & light… Thank you for helping me feel relaxed…” ~Angela

“She brought in my grandmother and gave me evidence on things only a few people knew. Sensitive information. I’m so grateful. You have a wonderful Spirit about you and a true gifted medium.” ~E.Q.

“Congratulations, Christina. You are a tireless worker to get the message out about the greater reality.” ~Suzanne Giesemann – Author, Spiritual Teacher, Medium, former US Navy Commander

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Orb Photography from Past Sessions

Dr. Rawls has done sessions at our shop before, and the following photos were taken. Orbs are distinct from dust motes because they have a soft border as opposed to sharp edges, and present with a beveled ‘red blood cell’ appearance with a ridge on the perimeter of the orb. Dr. Rawls uses an old-school digital camera that allows photos to be viewed in real time and does not have the capacity for photo alteration.

Even more fascinating, the orbs responded to instruction. When Dr. Rawls took the following photo, the orb you see appeared above our cooler but was gone in the next photo. “Could you please come back so I can get another photo?” she asked politely. It was there in the very next shot!

We take many photos in our shop for social media and have never seen anything like this in any of them before – it was fascinating to watch over Dr. Rawl’s shoulder and witness this phenomenon in real time.

The orb can be seen on the left hand side above our cooler.
Upon zooming in, you can see that the orb has a distinct outer ring and nucleus.

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