Meeting & Event Rentals at Jim Thorpe

If you are looking for an event rental in Jim Thorpe we do hope you consider us. Our venue resides in the heart of historic downtown in the Hooven Building, right by the train station. In addition to our wines and cocktails, our full menu of à la carte cheeses, meats, breads, desserts, and more will be available to your guests. Please note that at this time, we are operating at a maximum occupancy of 35 guests. 

We also have availability for those who wish to host classes or other ticketed events. Please contact us directly to see if we can come to an arrangement. You may also call 610-681-3959 and ask for Marissa with any questions.

Our Venue

The interior of our shop.

The Hooven was built during the 1800’s and is a classic example of industrial interior design with its exposed steel beams and an original Fairbanks scale built into the floor. You can still see where the old barrels stood on our wood floors. Back in the day, this building was used to distribute coffee, tea, and spices.

Ian Althouse performing in front of one of our art cages – you are welcome to hang any custom artwork you like for your event.

Though we have done some renovations and added a bar, as well as some fun modern touches like our RGB ceiling lights capable of turning any color of the rainbow, we tried to keep the spirit of the original design in mind. The building not only functions as our tasting room, but also features a gallery of local artists.

We are also located right next to a sizable parking lot which is free to use after 5PM. Our bathroom is spacious and comfortably accessible to wheelchair users.

Our shop interior when using our custom RGB lighting.
A custom grazing board we made for a private ticketed event. We can work within your budget to create something similar for your guests.

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Rental Agreement

What’s Included

  • Two members of staff for bartending, bussing, and serving.
  • Post-event cleanup and trash disposal once all personal items are removed.
  • Hang custom art/decorations on our customizable wall cages, custom decorations in our 10″ x 36″ cubbies on top of the installation behind the bar, and a banner from our front porch. (Please bring your own s-hooks/clothespins for hanging items on our grids & your own bungee cords/zipties to hang your banner on our porch.)
  • Use of the following (with technical support provided by our staff):
    • RGB ceiling lights (choose any colors of the spectrum)
    • Wireless Speaker/Karaoke machine
    • 100” Projector with HDMI, A/V, VGA, & wireless connection options, lightweight & portable 100” screen included. Compatible with cell phones, laptops/computers, video game systems, DVD/VHS, etc. Private parties are legally allowed to show films/playlists of music videos without violating copyright law.
  • First floor access to our building. (Please note that Renter and guests are not permitted to enter the cigar shop (unless they have purchased the cigar shop package and an OK Cigars employee is present), the Employees Only room, the back office, the loading dock, behind the bar, or on the upper floors of the building. Renter and guests are not permitted to bring food/drinks outside and off of the porch.)

Wine/Alcohol Sales

We operate as a cash bar for private events. We sell by the glass, and do not open bottles for consumption on premises. You may either allow your guests to pay for themselves or agree to pay the tab. Payment is due before the end of the night.


We charge a $150 deposit upon booking and another $250 due after the event before you leave the premesis for a total of $400. This is for a 3 hour event, with 1 hour given for both set up and take-down, for a total of 5 hours. Deposit is due at booking. This does not include wine, food, or optional add-on package costs.


Our venue is available on Sundays – Thursdays from 6PM – 11PM and on Fridays & Saturdays from 8PM – 1AM. $150 deposit is due at booking.

Please check our Google Calendar for availability and call 610-681-3959 or e-mail to book. You can also fill out the form on this page.

Maximum Occupany

We are currently operating at a maximum occupancy of 35 guests.


  1. Renter is not permitted to nail, tape, or affix anything to the walls of the venue, with the exception of hanging decorations from the grates on our walls and hanging a banner from the front of the porch.
  2. While Renter is welcome to replace artwork on our wall grates for the event, only staff is permitted to touch/remove the artwork already in place.
  3. Our venue uses s-hooks or clothespins to hang artwork/decorations on the grates. Renter is responsible for making sure the artwork or decorations brought are able to be hung using this method, and that each decoration does not weigh in excess of 8 lbs.
  4. Any inclusion of potluck-style or homecooked food requires our Hold Harmless Agreement to be reviewed, signed, and e-mailed to This form may also be printed out and dropped off/mailed to either of our locations. You are welcome to bring your own non-alcoholic beverages, which do not necessitate the use of this document.
  5. No glitter. For the love of all things holy, NO GLITTER. We’re nice people. We don’t deserve that.
  6. Official Big Creek Vineyard staff are the only persons permitted to pour alcohol. We reserve the right to deny service to visibly intoxicated persons.
  7. Any harassment of our staff will result in the immediate termination of the event and no refunds will be provided.
  8. Renter will be liable for any physical damages, legal actions, and/or loss of reputation or business opportunities that Owner may incur as a consequence of the actions of Renter or any of Renter’s guests while Renter is in control of the venue, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Owner against any and all legal actions which may arise from Renter’s use of the venue.

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Contact Us

Please check our Google Calendar for availability. You can call 610-681-3959, send an e-mail to, or fill out the form below to book:

Google Calendar


The Hooven Building is located in the Historic District of Jim Thorpe, right next to the train station and the gazebo in Josiah White Park.

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