Rosé Wine

Rosé Wine

Rosé’s are just quirky by nature and most often are expressions of the desire of the wine maker. This is especially true in the new world where they pass in and out of vogue with the season. Old world bastions of serious rosé, like southern France, are long on tradition and identity. “Refreshing” is the descriptior we are always after in our rosé.

Vin Di Pasqualina

Named after my Great Aunt Pasqualina Lapetina. This is a dry-ish rosé that at first sniff seems sweet, but sweet is not a smell. It is a blend of three grapes, but the aroma and character come from Niagara. Add a few frozen grapes and a slice of peach to a glass, close your eyes and drift to the islands. Makes a killer sangria.

The lovely Pasqualina herself holding a baby Grandma Millie.

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