Vineyard in Kresgeville

Our outdoor seating – feel free to bring your own blanket or chairs as well.

At the winery, we taste and we talk. Often a dialog or tête-à-tête, sometimes a discourse or an oration, and, occasionally, a debate. Not always about wine; maybe the good old days, the Old Country, grandchildren… Understanding an unfamiliar wine is the first step to its appreciation and enjoyment. Take it home and share, we would love that.

Tastings are 5 for $10 or 3 for $6.

As respite for the quiet folk, we also offer wine by the glass, cheese platters, and other simple fare. Click here for our menu.

Fun fact: Yelp regards us as #1 out of 1 Things To Do In Kresgeville, so we’re kind of a big deal.

Please note that we do not allow limos, buses, vans or other commercial vehicles at any time, for any reason.

Also, we do not host bachelor/bachelorette parties or any private functions at this location.

Our Winery Building

The front of our winery building.

The building itself, with its high-vauled ceilings and laminated trusses, has a very grand feeling to it. We are often asked if it was once a church. Our vintner Dominic designed and built it with old-fashioned horse auction houses in mind- you can look over the ledge of the tasting room to see the winemaking cellar below. Many people remark that it reminds them of the hull of a giant ship.

Our tasting room. The floor is made of red field stone from New Hampshire.

Funny thing about that church question – a local church actually asked us if they could copy our design because they liked it so much, and Dominic happily handed them the blueprints. If you’re ever attending church in Carbon County and you feel a sense of déjà vu, now you know why.

You can see the means of production in our basement from the tasting room.

The Antipasteria

Wine pairs best with warm conversation and good food. This philosophy led us to open the Antipasteria at our vineyard. Enjoy wine by the glass, antipasto plates, toasted bread with olive oil, and our home-made red wine fudge.

One of our antipasto plates – local cheeses, dried apricot, dates, toasted pecans, olives, and Grandma Millie’s homemade roasted red peppers.

Our selection of nuts, cheeses, olives, and fruits have been chosen to play off one another and our wines. Artisan crackers are included to refresh the palette (or to make little cheese sandwiches if you’re one of those kinds of people). We also have other simple fare such as toasted Italian bread & olive oil, and both fudge and sorbet made with our wines. Click here to learn more.

The Vineyard

We are very proud of our vineyard, which is one of the oldest in the region. You can learn more about our vineyard and winemaking process by clicking here. Remember that while guests are always welcome to walk in the vineyard, we ask that you avoid going between the rows. The groundhogs like to dig holes that are the perfect size for twisting your ankle.

We love this fish-eye view of our upper vineyard.
A ripe vine is always lovely, but the stages leading up to that are often beautiful as well.
A misty day in spring.
Our vintner Dominic aboard his trusty John Deere.
A rare view of our lower vineyard from a hot air balloon – see its shadow?