Dry Red Wines

Dry Red Wine

Historically, east of the Rockies, no single variety of red grape has distinguished itself in the eyes of the wine world. The Finger Lakes have Riesling (a white respected throughout the world), and Long Island could perhaps be said to have its Merlot, but the list trails off precipitously after that. Here at Big Creek, we take a sober view of what thrives in our climate and have cultivated a unique collection of red varieties.

* = not currently available


This old French variety of grape is another whose parents can be traced back to Burgundy. Bred to be a cold and disease-tolerant version of Pinot noir. It is used for everything from light Beaujolais-style wines to very heavy Burgundy-style reds. Ours varies with vintage but is usually a little fruitier and fuller-bodied than a Pinot noir.

Nouveau Red*

This wine is made in the traditional style of Nouveau Beaujolais in which the grapes are not crushed prior to fermentation. The whole grapes undergo a very slow, cool fermentation. The result is a very fresh, fruitY red wine that pairs well with most holiday fare, save fish. The wines will age well.

Marechal Foch

An old variety from the Loire region of France. Small clusters made up of dark, tiny berries. A favorite of our local birds. Wines are always full-bodied with smooth, supple tannins and pleasant aroma of ripe fruits.


A relatively recently conceived variety from Minnesota, known for its cold tolerance and disease resistance. The wines are heavy, bordering on port.

Pinot Noir*

The classic red grape of Burgundy. We push the envelope for cold tolerance here at our vineyard, but it ripens very well in most years. It likes our cool nights and slow growing season. Well balanced, medium-bodied, and elegant.


Deep purplish red to the edge. The bowl fills with very ripe red fruit, particularly sweet black cherry and plum. Almost overripe, but not jammy. Smooth, velvety, subtle tannins from lip to gullet. Rich, thick, and mouthfilling with a touch of honey. A hint of acidity belies its age.

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