Sweet Wine

Sweet Wine

These are sweet, but not cloying. We make our fruit wines from locally sourced Granny Smith apples grown in Heckman Orchards.

* = not currently available

Sunset Nouveau*

Picked just before becoming raisins, what little juice we can press out has ultra-concentrated flavors and aroma. There is a lot more to a true late harvest dessert wine than the sweetness. As the grapes lose moisture, all the flavor and aroma compounds are concentrated, along with the sugars and acids. While residual sugar may hover at 8% the wines are not cloying nor do they require a water chaser.

Sweet Muscat*

Pale platinum straw color. Ripe aromas of honeyed peaches, grapes and pears, with a round, fruity-sweet medium body and tangy green apple skin and mineral finish. A lovely Old World European styled dessert wine.


Our sweet white wine made from Seyval. Not just sweet, but a well-balanced and delicious. The natural acidity plays well with the sweetness remaining in the finished wine.

La Brusca

Made with concord grapes. Moderately sweet with nice balance. Makes a wonderful sangria or chilled as an aperitif.

Apple Raspberry

An infusion of apple wine with red raspberries. The flavor of the apple is veiled by the perfume of the raspberry.

Spiced Apple

A seasonal wine made from tart apples, infused with cinnamon, clove, and orange zest. A wonderful punch when warmed in a crock pot or chilled with apple or pumpkin pie.

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