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Red Wines


 Marechal Foch Dry Red Wine

2014 MARECHAL FOCH  $16  Dry

Named after a World War I general, this French–American hybrid is deep and dark in color. The flavor leans toward sweet black cherry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, prune and figs.

Recommended Pairing: Many red meat dishes and very heavy pasta.

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 Pinot Noir Dry Red Wine

2015 PINOT NOIR $16 Dry

Only released as a varietal wine once every three or four years, Pinot Noir is our benchmark red wine. We have a lot to compare it to and use this information to gauge our progress in both the vineyard and the winery. The wine produced is usually medium-bodied, aromatic (cherries and raspberries), and a little spicy.

Recommended Pairing: Simple meat dishes and most pasta dishes with a red sauce.

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La Brusca Sweet Red Wine


LA BRUSCA  $10  Sweet

Here the wonderful aroma of wild grapes is balanced by a proper sweetness.  Stands up to a little chilling, a favorite for blending.

Recommended Pairing: Use in a sangria or by itself (as an apéritif).

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Nouveau Dry Red Wine



This wine is made in the traditional style of Nouveau Beaujolais, in which the grapes are not crushed prior to a very slow, cool fermentation. The result is a lot of fresh fruity characters, particularly sweet red cherries, but with a backbone of ripe tannins that take a little of the quaint simplicity out of the wine.

Recommended Pairing: Most holiday fare, such as baked turkey, save fish.

Availability: Not available at this time



Chambourcin Dry Red Wine



A very versatile wine that readily changes with each vintage. Cool years favor a Beaujolais style; warm dry summers elevate the wine to a heavier, burgundy-like wine. Always emits an aroma of raspberries and a little sweet cherry.

Recommended Pairing: Red meats and game, as well as pasta with a rich gravy.

Availability: Not available at this time





Regent Red Wine



Named after the Regent Diamond, which was worn by nobility, including Napoleon Bonaparte. A wine of intense color, full body and a strong, tannic backbone. The aroma of sweet cherries, black currants and sometimes chocolate greet the nose. 

Recommended Pairing: Red meats and hearty sauces.

Availability: Not available at this time




 Frontenac Dry Red Wine


A vibrant deep red color and rich mouth-filling tannin, topped with the aroma of fresh sweet cherries, red fruits and sometimes chocolate. One of our heaviest wines.

Recommended Pairing: Red meat dishes.

Availability: Not available at this time







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